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First Post!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand spanking new pay-site!!
Hope you’re all enjoying it so far, andjust know that things are going to keep getting better and better! (and dirtier…)

Hey Look!! It’s me & my cat!


I haz the dumb.

So as some of you may know I just got back from a long vacation home to Scotland to see all my old mates, it was amazing!! Then I jetted off to Ibiza for some debauchery and let me tell you, it was UN-FUCKING-REAL. Will definitely be going back!

While I went scuba diving for the first time ever, I got stung bad by a jelly fish! Fuckin’ sucked, but I’m going to have a cool scar! And luckily I’m into scars, especially ones with a cool story behind them!
After getting stung on the neck I did the pee trick. Well… my friend peed on me. Didn’t work. Captain of the boat poured ammonia on it… didn’t work. Soaked it in vinegar. Didn’t work. After a half hour of me writhing in agony but determined to put on a brave face, my friends forced me to the hospital. Turned out I’m allergic and if a friend on the boat (who is also deathly allergic) hadn’t given me one of her pills that stops her heart from stopping, then I’d probably have ended up in a coma. What is it with me and near death experiences? I’ve had a lot of them….


Anyway!!! Back to sexy time!

I want to know the kind of things you guys would like to see here? I’m thinking a weekly cam show… perhaps sell old shoot outfits, competitions, etc. Please give me your suggestions! Is there a particular fantasy you would like to see me act out? I’m open to suggestion, and you know how I love to please… ^_~


Amazing fan art by Dan Chase /

In other news.. I’ve been working on a little music project, so stay tuned for details on that! Still in the studio/writing/etc.. it’s pretty cool getting out my thoughts in a whole new medium. Needless to say I’m REALLY enjoying myself!

Also: For all you New York dwellers, I’m hosting a party at the end of the month!!!
Come party with me and help make my first *official* New York experience an epic one!!!


I will leave you with this dope new pic by Sebree Photography! See ya kittlings! Meow!!

– Miss Diamond xo

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