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Mother of Dragons

Hi guys!

So a while ago I did a photo-shoot with one of my favorite photographers Van Styles because I had some marvelous outfits on loan from Mother of London & Jane Doe Latex! Here’s a peak, there will be more to come!! ^_~


The other day I made a new friend!

I went on an adventure to find a bigger tank for my red eared sliders since they have gotten HUGE and would keep getting wedged in randomly. It must suck to have a big shell wrapped around your body when you are confined to a small space.

So I ventured to this little reptile house I found online called “Medusa” and ended up spending 2 hours there, just talking to the guys in the shop about all the different reptiles and turtles… they even had some giant tarantulas there, which I couldn’t even look at being a hard-core arachnophobe n all. Many laughs were had my my incapability to walk past/look at them…

I decided that since I was getting a bigger tank and I was then going to have a smaller tank spare, why not get another little critter? I’ve always liked snakes a lot… what the hell? I love being spontaneous.

Thing is, when I first walked into the store there was this bearded dragon that looked at me all intensely and then ended up standing on his hind legs at the glass just staring at me. I asked to hold him since he was adorable and a half hour later he was asleep on my arm. I always trusting my gut, and my gut was saying that this little guy wanted to come home with me!

Now I’m home, my turtles are ecstatic about having a mini pond to splash around in, and the kitties are unfazed by Smaug (His new name!) which is good. Probably because he doesn’t move much, and cats find that shit boring as fuck.

Now, I never thought in a million years that I would end up the owner of a bearded dragon. I don’t know that much about them, so you can only imagine my surprise when i look over at him chillin’ on my bed with the kitties and his face is all puffed out!!! I guess he saw something that surprised him, but he surprised me even more! Aaaaaaaand now I understand the name!

He’s so chill I can literally walk/drive around with him perched on my shoulder. You can only imagine the looks I’ve been getting but you can rest assured they are hilarious.. hehe

Does this mean I’m a Dragon lady now as well as a Cat lady? I guess so.

One last thing:

I’ll be feature dancing in New York soon! Details to be announced soon!
I can’t wait to get back to the big apple! I’ve only been there once before rather recently. Perhaps this time I wont get lost on the subway haha…

Until next time peeps xo

– Miss Diamond xo

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