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It’s a whole new year and what better a time than ever to adopt new ways of thinking and set new goals for this years future endeavors.


Fuck yeah.


I think that it’s important to never stop improving yourself. Everyone can always be better!

Some of the things I’ve been focusing on a lot lately have been to simply get back in touch with things that I used to do all the time but have lost sight of over the years. That’s what happens when you have an intense crazy life full of adventure and spontaneity. It can become hard to focus on any one thing for very long, or at least this being the case with me. Sometimes I wonder if I actually do have ADHD, something I always joke about. Ooh! Something shiny!!!









I love experimentation. For my soul to be content I need to constantly evolve somehow. Continue to grow.  It’s one of the reasons why sex has drawn me so much from quite the young age. It’s something so vast in exploration that it becomes the most intriguing thing to me. That paired with the sense of accomplishment at discovering how to make someones eyes roll into the back of their head in pleasure using the most fine tuned little tricks of the trade. And since everyone is different it leaves SO MUCH to the imagination. Perfect for insatiable types..








I’ve taken up photography. Something that I have always liked to dabble in but have never truly focused on before. And in the spirit of self improvement, I’m teaching myself the ropes! Luckily, I have a lot of photographer friends to learn from and a vast array of beautiful friends to photograph!









While I get used to my camera and the millions of settings that I am now trying to wrap my head around, I’ve mainly been shooting still life type stuff around my flat. Next on the list is portraits, which could arguably be my favorite genre of photography.


Of course photography isn’t the only thing on my list of things to accomplish this year, but this is just the tease.

Don’t forget that I’m going to be in VEGAS next week!! You’d be silly to miss your chance to come hang out and get wild with all the XXX candy that will be on display at the Hard Rock!! I’ll be signing Thursday – Saturday at the Elegant Angel booth during AEE!! Tickets are sold >here<



















Until next time!

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– Ms. Diamond xo

Ps I managed to recover some of my first ever modeling shots from my old busted up laptop that I thought would be fun to share with you all! I’ve always been a fan of unusual hair that’s for sure =P

From inside a B&B somewhere near Aberdeen.. photographed by Sam Holden

















Photography: Distorted Retina

Looking back purely for nostalgia’s sake can be highly amusing I think, even if just to see how far you’ve come, hah!




























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