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So as you guys may have noticed, I can be a little twisted.

I was an awkward goth type chick in high school and my love of gore and horror movies has stayed with me ever since.

So when I was approached by Deviant Entertainment to shoot a movie for my directorial debut I knew that I wanted my first movie to be on the macabre side…

And voila! I give to you.. DOLLHOUSE!

Inspired by my love for the work of artist Trevor Brown, my dolls come to life and fuck or get fucked. Also starring Aiden Starr, Annie Cruz, Lana Violet & Courtney Taylor, it releases Sept 30th!!

Watch the trailer HERE











Frozen cookies

Normally freezing cookies isn’t exactly my thing. But this past Christmas my deorling Mother gifted to me half of the baking she had embarked upon that season. So I froze it. Living alone means that there is no one to steal my food before it goes stale.

This evening after ingesting quite the quantity of good ol’ Mary Jane, I decided that it was very important that I ate something sweet and..cake-like. There are cookies in the freezer. Score!

Impatience leads to an incapability for allowing them to properly defrost. And voila! The discovery of the ultimate munchie quality of frozen home baked goods.   This culinary trick was most likely discovered years ago, and several times over, by many stoners over the times. But this is MY personal discovery, so it is deemed important in my Universe and therefore, worth blogging about. My very own cookie Universe.

Hashtag: Stoner thoughts.


In other news, I’m currently in the running for Penthouse’s Danni Girl of the Year!! Penthouse is one of my favorite companies to work for so it would mean a lot to me to have your vote!!


>>>>You can vote HERE & don’t forget, you can vote daily, so make them count! Thank you so much xo  
Until next time!!! – Ms. Diamond xoxo



It’s a whole new year and what better a time than ever to adopt new ways of thinking and set new goals for this years future endeavors.


Fuck yeah.


I think that it’s important to never stop improving yourself. Everyone can always be better!

Some of the things I’ve been focusing on a lot lately have been to simply get back in touch with things that I used to do all the time but have lost sight of over the years. That’s what happens when you have an intense crazy life full of adventure and spontaneity. It can become hard to focus on any one thing for very long, or at least this being the case with me. Sometimes I wonder if I actually do have ADHD, something I always joke about. Ooh! Something shiny!!!









I love experimentation. For my soul to be content I need to constantly evolve somehow. Continue to grow.  It’s one of the reasons why sex has drawn me so much from quite the young age. It’s something so vast in exploration that it becomes the most intriguing thing to me. That paired with the sense of accomplishment at discovering how to make someones eyes roll into the back of their head in pleasure using the most fine tuned little tricks of the trade. And since everyone is different it leaves SO MUCH to the imagination. Perfect for insatiable types..








I’ve taken up photography. Something that I have always liked to dabble in but have never truly focused on before. And in the spirit of self improvement, I’m teaching myself the ropes! Luckily, I have a lot of photographer friends to learn from and a vast array of beautiful friends to photograph!









While I get used to my camera and the millions of settings that I am now trying to wrap my head around, I’ve mainly been shooting still life type stuff around my flat. Next on the list is portraits, which could arguably be my favorite genre of photography.


Of course photography isn’t the only thing on my list of things to accomplish this year, but this is just the tease.

Don’t forget that I’m going to be in VEGAS next week!! You’d be silly to miss your chance to come hang out and get wild with all the XXX candy that will be on display at the Hard Rock!! I’ll be signing Thursday – Saturday at the Elegant Angel booth during AEE!! Tickets are sold >here<



















Until next time!

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– Ms. Diamond xo

Ps I managed to recover some of my first ever modeling shots from my old busted up laptop that I thought would be fun to share with you all! I’ve always been a fan of unusual hair that’s for sure =P

From inside a B&B somewhere near Aberdeen.. photographed by Sam Holden

















Photography: Distorted Retina

Looking back purely for nostalgia’s sake can be highly amusing I think, even if just to see how far you’ve come, hah!




























Feeling optimistically lazy….

If there’s one thing I’m good at.. it’s procrastinating. But I do actually get a lot done when I do happen to be putting something off. Writing this blog is one of them. I have been meaning to write a new blog for ages, so is it really a bad thing that I am in fact, procrastinating?


The point I’m trying to make is that out of everything, even the shitty things that tend to always happen in life, something amazing might be around the corner. Not that this particular blog is amazing mind you, but it is something that I’ve been meaning to get done for a while. Unfortunately all the other times I ended up procrastinating doing something else… haha
The moral of the story is this. Be happy when something doesn’t work out as planned, because you may be about to experience something wonderful! A perfect example of this is my accident. I was badly burned in an incident involving A LOT of stupidity and bad decisions all round. The skin was literally rolling off of my back and I ended up in hospital to get the rest of the black charred skin scraped off. Morphine did nothing but make the pain less severe, but it is still to this day the most horribly painful thing I’ve ever gone through. And that’s saying something because I’m accident prone and forever getting myself into trouble! Take last months jellyfish-sting-to-the-neck-another-yet-another-trip-to-hospital adventure…..

 The night before I came to LA was when I shaved my head for the first time!

Anyway, if that hadn’t happened, I would never have had the perfect excuse to stay in LA! You see, at that time I was on a quick 10 day vacation here to see some friends and do a few photo shoots before moving from Edinburgh to London. I had my flat and jobs  lined up and everything, and was to move in the day after I got back. Needless to say that didn’t happen because I was in no fit state to. I could barely sit in a car for 5 minutes without being in agony, never mind a 10 hour long flight across the Atlantic.

Acting like an idiot at Disneyland days before my life changed forever…

And what an adventure it’s been!! The first year here was really hard because I hadn’t planned on living in another country. I also had less than $200 to my name, couldn’t work due to my back infury, no where to live… it was pretty bleak a lot of the time. But after a looong while, things finally started to get a little better…
Now? I feel as though I’m closer than ever before to the place I’ve always wanted to be, and all this after the worst decision of my life. So, was it really that bad of a decision afterall?

My love muffin Asphyxia Noir & I!

The accident also led me to the girl who is now closer to me than a lover or a sister or even a soul mate could ever be. She held my hand during my accident and has struggled on with me since day one of LA life, trying to make ends meet and getting ourselves into the weirdest, most fucked up situations together (on some real levels) and we have stuck together ever since. You don’t go through things like that with someone without connecting with someone’s aura completely.


“Everything happens for a reason.” couldn’t be a truer statement in regards to life, and I am a firm believer in that.


I will leave you with this photo of a pretty wasted Keifer Sutherland at a Hollywood bar when I first arrived in LA. You can’t tell, but he is giving me a wedgie in this picture, hence my insane-ly shocked looking face.

Until next time kittlings … meow xo